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Fire detection and alarm systems for all types of building occupancies.

Intrusion detection, surveillance, and access control for homes and businesses.

Providing the best line of products for fire safety and security applications.

When security or fire alarm systems are activated, we are there to help.

fireTo help building owners meet their goals for life-safety and to meet code requirements, JJJ Enterprises designs and installs quality fire detection and alarm systems. Our company is not only a C-10 electrical contractor who knows how to wire a system, but we also hold the C-16 fire protection license. That means that we have a clear understanding of how fires start, how they spread, and their effect on both people and property. This allows us to provide systems that are reliable in detecting fires, avoiding false alarms, and notifying building occupants of the fire danger. Our knowledge of codes and standards will give you a system that complies with fire department regulations and requirements and we will save you money by selecting the right system for your building, and by eliminating unnecessary equipment and labor which can result from poor system design.

Our designers are certified by the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET), and they possess the necessary knowledge and skills to design reliable fire detection and alarm systems that can save lives. Our design expertise extends to all types of occupancies and all hazard levels. Being able to evaluate the various factors related to fire ignition and fire growth allows us to properly space and locate the various components of the fire alarm system so they will detect fires early, notify occupants, initiate life safety functions such as elevator recall and controlling of various HVAC components to prevent smoke and fire spread, and notify the fire department. Combined with the technology we use, this will ensure that components operate properly and that detectors are not falsely activated leading to unnecessary evacuation and work interruptions. The design process is fundamental to the fire life-safety systems we provide and install and we focus heavily on maintaining the high quality of our system design.

installationLike our designers, our installers are also certified by NICET. They are also licensed by the California Department of Industrial Relations. With decades of experience in installing fire detection and alarm systems, our installers are well-prepared to deal with the various installation challenges. Continuous factory training gives us the up-to-date knowledge required for properly installing new and advanced fire dection and alarm technologies. We take pride in our workmanship and make sure that our installation is completed in a clean and neat fashion.

For decades, JJJ Enterprises has successfully designed and installed thousands of fire detection and alarm systems in various buildings such as hospitals, schools, office buildings, laboratories, warehouses, military bases, museums, and many other buildings. Your search for a reliable fire life-safety system should start by first finding a reliable contractor. Our decades of experience and our qualifications make us highly reliable and capable of delivering exactly what is needed and required for a fire life-safety system. We look forward to helping you with your fire life-safety needs.

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