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Fire detection and alarm systems for all types of building occupancies.

Intrusion detection, surveillance, and access control for homes and businesses.

Providing the best line of products for fire safety and security applications.

When security or fire alarm systems are activated, we are there to help.

Fire and other emergencies can be successfully dealt with when help is summoned immediately upon the occurrence of the emergency. JJJ Enterprises provides 24-hr monitoring of fire alarm systems and electronic security alarm systems. We monitor thousands of local homes and businesses in Southern California. JJJ Enterprises employs the latest in communications technologies and advanced computer systems making it possible for us to provide a high quality service to our monitoring customers. JJJ now offers wireless cellular and radio monitoring services..

Upon receiving an alarm signal from a fire life-safety system, our monitoring staff immediately contact and dispatch the fire department. The building owner or their representatives are also contacted and notified of the alarm. The people within the building are also contacted immediately. When security alarm systems are activated, the police department is dispatched to investigate the alarm. This type of quick response will increase the protection to your home and business. Property owners are usually able to save money on insurance when these systems used. JJJ Enterprises offers UL-certificated services for places where insurance requirements or fire department requirements call for UL-certificated systems and services.


Here at JJJ Enterprises we do not feel it is necessary to lock customers into lengthy contracts, making it to terminate service agreements. The quality and affordability of our monitoring services are among the best, and we're confident that you will stay with our company not because of contractual obligations, but because you will be satisfied and happy with our services. Our customers sign one-year monitoring contracts instead of five and ten-year contracts they have to sign with other companies. Call us today to set up a monitoring account for your home or business. We can monitor fire alarm and security systems even when these systems are installed by other companies.

Fire life-safety systems are required to be tested periodically by NFPA-72 and by local authorities having jurisdiction. JJJ Enterprises provides inspections and system testing to meet these requirements. System components are tested and inspected quarterly, semiannually, and annually depending on the type of component and the code requirements related to each component. JJJ Enterprises generates official inspection and testing reports that can be presented to fire department inspectors. Thousands of fire alarm systems in Southern California are inspected and tested regularly by our technicians.

Systems are prone to physical damage. Trouble signals are initiated from various abnormal conditions such as dirty detectors, wire shorts, ground faults, etc. Our technicians are on call 24 hours/day, and they are dispatched to deal with these problems as soon as trouble signals are received. This quick response to the problem is designed to limit downtime for fire alarm systems and to make sure that the systems are returned to normal operation quickly. Our technicians have many years of experience with fire life-safety systems, and they are able to quickly pinpoint system problems. 24-hrs a day, JJJ Enterprises is available to help you with emergency repairs.

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