About us

Fire detection and alarm systems for all types of building occupancies.

Intrusion detection, surveillance, and access control for homes and businesses.

Providing the best line of products for fire safety and security applications.

When security or fire alarm systems are activated, we are there to help.

As a low voltage contractor, JJJ Enterprises designs and installs other systems such as audio communications systems, nurse call systems, and master clock systems. Our technicians have years of experience in these areas. Many buildings such as public libraries have paging systems installed by JJJ Enterprises. Nurse call systems have been installed in many medical facilities, and many schools have clock systems installed by our company. Regardless of the size of the building, JJJ Enterprises can select and install the right system for you. Our company offers affordable systems that provide a high level of performance and quality.

Audio communication systems

High performance systems designed and installed at an affordable price. Ideal for various applications including:

Nurse call systems

A complete line of systems that are designed for use in hospitals, medical clinics, senior care facilities. Systems include:

Master clock systems

Help keep the right time in your school with one of our synchronized timing solutions that include:

Visual nurse call systems

Audio nurse call systems

Emergency alert systems

Affordable installation

High performance clocks

Wireless systems

Complete synchronization

Dependable technology

Stadiums and arenas

Conference centers

Office and school buildings

Airports and industrial buildings

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