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Fire detection and alarm systems for all types of building occupancies.

Intrusion detection, surveillance, and access control for homes and businesses.

Providing the best line of products for fire safety and security applications.

When security or fire alarm systems are activated, we are there to help.

Low voltage systems installation

including fire safety systems, security systems for commercial and residential buildings, mass notification systems for DOD facilities, monitoring systems for sprinklers and other extinguishing systems.

System design services including new and existing buildings. Fire alarm, sound, mass notification, security, and nurse call.

Fire alarm systems

Residential & commercial security

Fire sprinkler systems

Low monitoring fees

Regular system testing per NFPA-72

Fire Department inspection reports

Monitoring station reports

Experienced testing technicians

Systems and components. Fire alarm systems, security, CCTV, access control, nurse call, mass notification, and other system components are available for sale to contractors, government agencies, and businesses.

Troubleshooting of faulty conditions

Repair of damaged systems

Replacement of damaged parts

Cleaning of dirty sensors

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